Brexit Contingency Plan

The purpose of this document is to set out to our customers the actions we have taken to mitigate the potential negative effects of Brexit and specifically how to maintain continuity of supply. We have itemised each identified potential risk and described actions taken against each one. Whilst we cannot of course guarantee that we will be insulated from the effects of Brexit, particularly a “no-deal” Brexit, we believe that we have taken sufficient measures to enable Harvest to continue to successfully serve our customers.

  • Delays at customs while new border controls are implemented
    • We have placed additional orders for all imported goods in order to increase stock levels above normal levels to create a buffer against any delays.
    • We are negotiating with key UK suppliers who may themselves rely on imported goods, to get them to hold additional stocks on our behalf
  • Labour shortages
    • We have no labour employed from mainland Europe so do not foresee any issues for Harvest.
    • We anticipate that some of our customers who do depend on European labour may face some challenges including high staff turnover. We stand ready to assist wherever we possibly can, with for example: staff training, technical support, and presence on site.
  • Trade tariffs
    • WTO trade tariffs on our type of equipment are in most cases zero, and on the remainder quite low. We do not therefore envisage a material impact on our costs from tariffs which may be implemented as a result of a “no-deal Brexit”.
  • Currency devaluation:
    • We forward buy currencies from relevant countries in order to cushion the impact of exchange rate moves.
    • This gives us time to renegotiate pricing with suppliers to minimise cost increases.
    • Any price rises that may ultimately become necessary for our customers will therefore be minimised and introduced with some notice.
  • Legislation changes
    • Since our products and services are fully compliant with all UK, European and most other overseas regulations and quality standards, we foresee no compliance issues either short or long term

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